Please feel free to read these testimonials, to see how play therapy can enhance your child's self- esteem, boost their confidence and increase their social skill. 

"Words are not enough when it comes to showing my gratitude for all the support you have given M. M's confident, patience and most importantly self-belief has never been better. She is much more open and accepting to spontaneous changes and is willing to accept challenges head on. M has absolutely loved attending your session; she would eagerly look forward to Wednesdays her 'Emma time'. Life as a single mother can be challenging but your exceptional support has made it more bearable and dare I say it, enjoyable. When I have needed advice you always helped and have given me lots of great ideas to enhance our bond. I would like to also say 'thank you' on behalf of M's little brother, you have not had much dealings with him therefore I would like you to know, he now enjoys playing with his sister a lot more as he does not worry about M's impulsive reaction. Once again, a heartfelt thank you for presenting a case to continue to offer support to M, the review did imply M did not need more sessions, however you could see she was still in need of support and fought to continue supporting her. We are sad the sessions are ending but are more happy to know that you will now support another child and hopefully many more families like ours". Parent

Happy Family Playing a Game Together

"Play Therapy has helped me by letting out my anger safely and helps with my worries." Child

Emma Giles, in her role as a qualified Play Therapist, has been involved with our school since Spring 2017. In my role as school Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) I have liaised closely with Emma.


Emma has visited the school, every Wednesday, to provide Play Therapy for an infant child who had suffered traumatic experiences in their life. In her time at the school she has always shown the utmost professionalism in her role. In addition, she demonstrates compassion and a real dedication to providing a caring, creative and fun environment for the child to participate in activities. Emma is also a friendly and very approachable person. This has allowed the child to feel safe and discuss their thoughts and feelings. The child always looked forward to their Play Therapy sessions and received lots of praise from parents.


Emma is well organised and has always kept the school staff fully informed of developments, whilst having the sensitivity to keep certain issues confidential. She has liaised closely with parents and has built up an excellent relationship with them.


Unfortunately, the child no longer attends Chesham Primary and Emma’s time with us sadly came to an end in January 2018, as she received external funding for her role. If funds allowed in the future, I would not hesitate in employing Emma as a Play Therapist - SENCO

"I felt these play sessions were beneficial to me and I hope Miss Giles continues to do these sessions to help other children in the future."Child

"Since my son O has been having play therapy sessions with Emma I have seen a huge change in his behaviour and personality. O has been seeing Emma for nearly a year now and very quickly built a strong bond with her. Emma has been great in providing feedback and over the time she has spent with him they have covered various topics through her play therapy. O has loved every second of the time spent with Emma and as his mum I have seen my son develop from a child whom had low self-esteem with behavioural issues to a child who is confident and happy and able to maintain healthy relationships with his siblings and peers. I would recommend Emma to anybody! She really has worked hard with O and we are all seeing fantastic results."Parent


Puss Bank School and Nursery have utilised the services of Emma Giles and Golden Stars Play Therapy for the last 6 years. Emma has worked with, and continues to work with, several children on a vast array of complex and emotive issues and provided them with skills and strategies to self-regulate and understand feelings and why things happen and how to cope. Emma has forged good working relationships with key members of staff which ensures that the very best for each child undergoing Play Therapy is achieved. - Learning Mentor

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