LEGO® Based Therapy
What is Brick Club?
Brick Club is a social skills club, where children take part in LEGO® based therapy. It is a social skills programme based around building LEGO models in groups.  The aim of the group is to help children to develop social interaction skills in a friendly, fun setting.
What skills are practiced in Brick Club?
Social interaction skills
Problem solving,
Communication is a key element of the LEGO®-based therapy approach used in Brick Club.
What do children do in Brick Club?

Children build LEGO® models in groups of 2 or 3 with adult help. 
Sessions are usually 1hour long.
Building models more creatively, without instructions in pairs or small groups. 
Children take it in turns to play the different roles.
One child finds the bricks (the ‘supplier’), another has the instructions (the ‘engineer’) third child puts the model together (the ‘builder’).
The adult running the group prompts children to solve any social difficulties that might arise. If there is a problem (e.g. if one child snatches a brick), everyone stops building, sorts out the problem together, and practices an alternative strategy (e.g. asking for the brick first).